• What to do if the name I want is not available?

    We provide unlimited name search. If the first option is not available, you can pick another or till you are satisfied. There’s no charge for name search.

  • Which countries or cases do you not serve?
    • We serve most countries in the world with the exception of countries that are sanctioned by the US government.
    • We do not serve countries that are sanctioned by the US government. Generally the list includes Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba. Please visit US Department of Treasury for details: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/programs/pages/programs.aspx
    • If you represent a sovereign entities such as state-owned enterprise, governments, or political party. We require that you must disclose the ultimate interests of such entities. This entity may or may not be from your country of origin. If you are from country A but may represent sovereign entities for country B, you must disclose to us. We may or may not be able to serve such cases.

  • Does the US impose any restriction on foreign investments, or on setting up companies in the US?
    United States is a very open and welcoming country with very friendly business environment. Generally the US does not require you to declare a firm intent on your purpose of setting up a company. Generally the US government concerns mostly for the following two issues: 1. National security; and 2. Crime prevention, namely, money laundering.

  • Are there any capital requirements?
    First unlike many countries, the US does not have capital requirement in setting up a US company.

  • What kind of company names will be acceptable?
    Generally you want to have a name that reflects your business or something that is catchy to remember for the purpose of brand recognition and brand building. However, you may also use your home country’s company name as the business name for your US company. We can help you find an anglicized (English-sounding) name if your native language is not English.

  • Why do you need to know the nature of my business?
    It’s required by law to disclose the business sector that you will be engaging in. We also need to know your business as per the KYC/KYB requirements as part of our standard compliance measures. Letting us know the nature of your business also help us set up your company in a structure that is best for you. Generally we set up all companies with the C Corp structure, which is specialized for startups and overseas shareholders/owners. If you are an investor intending to use the US company as a vehicle to hold individual real estate investments, an LLC may be more suitable for you. By default, all real estate investment holding companies are set up as LLC. All business operating companies and startups are set up as C Corp. If you have questions regarding the structure of your US company, please contact us for details.

  • What are the application requirements?
    All you need to start is a company name and tell us what business you intend to use the US company for. Telling us your primary goal in forming a US company will let us help you determine the best structure and solutions for your new company.

  • What are the restrictions?
    Simply put, there are no special restrictions unless you engage in sensitive technologies or information service that may be sanctioned by the US government. Most businesses will not fall into this category. Please contact us if you have questions regarding US government sanctioned business activities.

  • What is the application process?
    Our simple 3-Steps process fast track your company setup.

    • Step One: Pick a name
      • We provide unlimited name search. If the first option is not available, you can pick another or till you are satisfied. There’s no charge for name search.
    • Step Two: Choose solution
    • Step Three: Submit Application
      • Just fill up the company details form and you are all set.
      • You may also choose to skip this form or fill up as much information as you can. We will contact you directly if we find anything missing.
      • We provide worry-free compliance check to ensure your information are in compliant with US laws and regulation.
    • That’s it. You should get your incorporation documents and business ID in one business day. You will receive email notifications for each stage of completion.