• What are the common cases in which changes, amendments, or filings of corporate documents are required?

    Here are some examples (including but not limited to the followings)

    • Change of address,
    • Change the names of directors
    • Change in purpose,
    • Change in your official company name,
    • Change stock information.
    • Other substantial changes in the operation or bylaw of the company
  • How to make changes?
    • First, a proposal must be prepared and presented to the company board of directors.  The board adopts a corporate resolution approving the proposal.
    • If there are shareholders or members, they must vote on the change. The vote usually takes place at a formal meeting of the corporation (annual meeting or other) and shareholders must be advised of the proposed change before the meeting.
    • If the shareholders approve the change to the articles of incorporation, the amended document must be attested to by the corporate secretary.
    • Then send the document, along with the filing fee, to your state’s secretary of state for paying the fee and filing.

  • What corporate documents are included in the forming of my company?
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Statement of Resignation of the Incorporator
    • Banking Resolution
    • Organizational Minutes
    • Bylaws
      • The bylaws of your corporation are the rules by which your corporate board of directors operates. After you have set up your corporation by files your articles of incorporation and you have created your board of directors, the board sets out the bylaws.
      • Your board can change its bylaws by resolution. you don’t need to file corporate bylaw changes with your state.
    • Statement of Shareholders’ Equity
    • Operating Agreement (LLC Only)
    • Statement of the Organizer (LLC Only)

  • What is Articles of Incorporation?
    Articles of incorporation is the pertinent filing with a government body (usually the state) that signifies the creation of a corporation. In the U.S., articles of incorporation are filed with the Office of the Secretary of State where the business chooses to incorporate. Broadly, articles of incorporation should include the company’s name, type of corporate structure, and number and type of authorized shares. Bylaws work in conjunction with the articles of incorporation to form the legal backbone of the business.

  • Getting Started – FFM/KB
    • Naming
    • What is C Corp
    • Corp./Incorporated/Corporation/Inc./Ltd./Limited
    • Owner Information Review
    • Legal Address (not for operation)
    • Legal vs Business Address
    • Business ID

  • How can I get one?
    We ensure that your company is always in good standing. You may simply ask us to obtain one fro you at any time you need. This service is included for all members. In addition, we include the first one when you first form your company.

  • Why should my company have one or why do I need one?
    Banks and businesses may require this as a proof of your company’s standing of the state in which your company is formed. It is an essential proof of your company’s existence and the company is in good corporate governance.

  • What is Certificate of Good Standing?
    A certificate of good standing is a document proving a business is legally registered with and able to operate in a state. The certificate is also referred to as a certificate of existence, certificate of status, or a state-specific name. To obtain the document, your business must be registered with your state and up-to-date on payments and other requirements. If your business is not in good standing, you cannot obtain a certificate of existence.

  • How often and when do I need to renew my company license?
    We automatically renew your corporation for you. All renewal fees are included. You won’t have to do anything! (Please note that tax filing is not included unless you are a subscriber of Fast Tax. Please contact us for details.)

  • How often and when do I need to renew my company license?
    All corporations are required to file state report annually before Mar-31st. Changes made over the year need to be reported and kept up to date. As a member all your corporate filings are handled seamlessly and automatically by us.

  • What kind of licensing I may be required to acquire?
    Generally for most overseas entrepreneurs, it is unlikely that you will be engaging in a business that requires special licensing since those that require licensing will likely require you to be a resident operative.


        • Environmental Permits for Construction
        • Food Services Licensing for Food & Beverage or Restaurant Services
        • Licensed Occupations in NH
        • License to Sell Alcoholic Beverages
        • Meals & Rentals Tax License
        • Online Oversize/Overweight Permits
        • Online Professional Licensing
        • Full List of Professions:
          • Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals
          • Architect
          • Architect Business
          • Body Art
          • Bodyworker
          • Chiropractor
          • Dietitian
          • Engineer
          • Engineering Business
          • Geologist
          • Hearing Care Providers
          • Land Surveyor
          • Land Surveyor Business Massage Therapy
          • Nursing or Nursing Assistant
          • Ophthalmic Dispensing
          • Pharmacy Intern
          • Pharmacy Technician
          • Real Estate Appraiser Temporary Practice

  • Is that any exception in government fees that are not included?
    We only charge you for additional services such as application for special license. But generally for most overseas entrepreneurs, you do not need one.

    Non-incorporation related government services fees such as patent, trademark, or copyright applications are not included. We do however provide respective package for such services. Please contact us for details.

  • What fees are included in my package?
    Our simple pricing already includes all government fees. Government fees such as incorporation, government handling, mailing and shipping, annual renewal, and government filings are all included. No matter how many times you need make changes to your corporate structure, we have all government fees covered.

  • Incorporation changes and government filing
    Need to make changes such as adding a shareholder, change the shareholding structure, appoint an executive, or change any item in the incorporation article? We understand that handling corporate documents could be intimidating and full of uncertainties. We provide unlimited changes and respective government filings for you. We help you change it till you work out the best structure.

  • What are company standing alerts?
    We constantly monitor and review your company standing with respective government agencies to make sure no material changes or lawsuits are placed against you. We make sure that your company is in good standing at all time. You can have total peace of mind while focusing on doing business in the US. (Please note that this service does not include credit rating. Please contact us if you need credit rating service for your company. For most startups and new companies, you don’t need credit score. But you do want to build up your company credit score for future financing needs. Please contact us for more details.)

  • Are my documents secure?
    All corporate and government documents are scanned and stored online with 256bit encryption.

  • How do I access my incorporation documents?
    All corporate and government documents are available online through your membership portal. You just need to logon to view or download your documents.

  • How long does it take for my company to be ready?
    Same Day Expedited Processing*. We process your application the same day. FastCorpUSA provides the fastest turnaround and service delivery in the industry. All new applications are handled the same day. You get your Business ID in as little as 10 minutes* and EIN in as little as 5 days! No one can match our speed! (*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, delays may occur due to partial shutdown of non-essential services for government processing and review. We continue to monitor the situation and remain steadfast in providing the fastest service possible. All new applications will remain to be processed the same day.)

    EIN applications are automatically submitted for you once your Business ID is ready. Without your presence in the United States, we are able to procure your EIN in as little as 5 days under normal most circumstances. Officially IRA states that it takes up to 20 working days. ! (*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, delays may occur due to partial shutdown of non-essential services for government processing and review. We continue to monitor the situation and remain steadfast in providing the fastest service possible. All new applications will remain to be processed the same day.)

  • Why should I engage in an owner information background check?
    We document everything regarding you and your existing business into one package for easy retrieval for the use of business account applications and fulfilling government’s requirements. Having a periodic compliance review enables you to maintain full compliance with laws and regulation and prevent future unforeseeable issues.

  • What does Compliance Standard (Owner Information Background Check) include?
    Compliance package includes Certificate of Good Standing and applicant initial background review. We provide advice to make sure your company is always in compliance. Compliance package comes with unlimited email support. Just ask us anything and we’ll try to provide you the best and most updated answer to suit your unique needs.

  • What does an American company name look like?
    All business names will end with “Corporation,” ” Incorporated,” or “Limited” or the abbreviation “CORP.” “Inc.”, or “Ltd.” In the case of limited liability company, it will end with “LLC.

  • How do we know the name that we desire is available?
    We provide unlimited free name search. We make sure to get the name you want.

  • You may want to have stock certificate available when needed. Here’s why.
    A stock certificate is a document that proves that you own stock in a company. In the digital age, you can prove stock ownership without holding a physical certificate. However, if an investor wants a stock certificate, he can request that his brokerage house issue a certificate, or they can contact the company that issued the stocks.

    Companies do not have to issue these certificates automatically but are legally required to issue a certificate when requested. While stock certificates are mostly symbolic, they can be valuable to investors that want physical proof that they own stock.

    We do not automatically print the stock certificate for you. But in the event that your shareholder(s) request physical stock certificates, we can help your company issue them. This service is free of charge.

  • Do I need stock certificate to prove my ownership of the company?
    In this electronic age, you don’t really need physical stock certificate as all ownership are registered in company records.

    We do not automatically print the stock certificate for you. But in the event that your shareholder(s) request physical stock certificates, we can help your company issue them. This service is free of charge.

  • What does company kit include?
    • Custom Stock Certificates
    • Company Seal
    • Ownership Ledger for Share and Ownership Transfer
    • Business Cards and Logo

  • Can I use my business address you provide as the registered agent legal address?
    As part of our compliance measure, we keep the legal address and operating address separate for you. We provide both so you are fully covered.

    As per our policy, please note that legal address cannot be used for business operating address. It means you cannot advertise your company using your legal address or business operation purpose.

  • Can I just use my business address or a PO box for the legal address and act as my own registered agent?
    While you may use your own business address for registered agent address, it is advisable that you do not as by US laws you are required to have an office that is readily available to receive legal documents from the government. This mean Monday to Friday 9-5 physical operating office available.

    The other reason why you don’t want to use your business address this way is that all registered address information is public. It means it will be accessible to any party including marketing or unwanted parties. To ensure your privacy, we recommend you do not use your business address as your legal address even if you decide to use a different business address than the one we provide

  • What is registered agent?
    By US laws and regulation all companies are required to have a legal address for legal document receiving and handling.

  • How long does it take to get the EIN for my company?
    We submit the application the same day or the next day right after your company is formed. Once application is submitted, it usually takes up to 20 working days for the IRS to process depending on the amount of materials that are readily available. In most cases, we are known to get it in as little as 5 days.

  • How to get one? Is it included in my package?
    We have it included so that you can get started right away with your business operations.

  • What services or activities require EIN?
    • Some financial accounts will have other compliance requirements. EIN is the most basic one that you absolutely cannot do without.
    • Financing & Grant Applications
    • Crowdfunding Account
    • Ecommerce Account
      • Amazon
      • eBay
      • Shopify
    • Bank Account Application
    • Fund Transfer Account Application
    • Payment Account Application
    • Merchant Account Application
    • Vendor Credit Application
    • Credit Building

  • Why is it important? Isn’t Business ID enough for my operation in the US?
    First you need it to file corporate tax every year. To maintain the standing of your company, you need to file tax returns regardless if your company makes a profit.
    Most US financial and business institutions will require EIN for application of services. EIN is required for Amazon US, eBay US, PayPal US, and all banking and payment account applications.

  • What is EIN?
    EIN stands for Employer Identification Number. It’s the business equivalence of SSN or ITIN for individual tax payers

  • Can my new C Corp be held by a company formed in my home country?
    Yes. Your US C Corp will become the subsidiary of your company from your home country. Just like any offshore company setup in other countries.

  • I’m a real estate investor. Is there any exception to which an LLC can be formed for me?
    We provide LLC for real estate investors. This is a special and unique scenario as real estate investment inevitably generates income or capital gain (or loss). Owner of LLCs will be eligible for application for ITIN.

  • What are the company entities options for overseas entrepreneurs?
    No other company structure that is intended for conducting business operations can be legally formed for non-US residents without going through a costly and lengthy process. While it is still possible, we do not recommend it.

  • Why is C Corp better than other company entities?
    Only companies that have completed the incorporation process can issue public stock. If you intend to devise some sort of employee equity plan or want to seek future funding, you will need a C Corp. Other company entities are not designed for scaling or massive growth.

    C Corp is the ultimate choice for overseas entrepreneurs with its flexible equity structure and limited liabilities legal structure. For entrepreneurs that are looking for massive growth or asset relocation, C Corp provides the most flexible structure to achieve endeavors such as equity planning, asset holding, profit retention, and marketing & sales activities.

  • Why is it not a good idea to get an LLC? Many of my American friends have one.
    The short answer is: it could get quite complicated. Applying for a federal employee identification number (FEIN) requires that one of the owners has a taxpayer identification number, which is restricted to citizens of the US and foreign-born persons legally entitled to work here. So, all in all, foreign persons may need to partner with a US citizen to effectively operate an LLC in the US. So it defeats the purpose of operating a US company when you cannot feasibly or easily acquire EIN, which in turn is required for almost all business activities in the United States. On the other hand, C Corp’s are designed for growth companies or foreign entrepreneurs.

  • Why do you offer mostly C Corp formation and not other entities such as LLC, or sole proprietorship?
    At FastCorpUSA we specialize only on bringing overseas non-US entrepreneurs to set up shops and bases in the United States. S Corp and LLC are not viable options for overseas entrepreneurs or investors and these company entities have a special tax pass-through device that is solely available to US residents.

    In addition, LLC is mostly for real estate investment holding or small business owners. In the case of overseas entrepreneurs or investors, LLC may be a better investment vehicle for real estate interments due to tax planning reason. We do provide LLC application for such purpose. However, this option is only available for investors who intend to solely participate in real estate investment. Please contact us if you have more questions. (Please also check out ITIN, an alternative for EIN for investors.)

  • What is a Business ID?
    Business ID is the number ID that is assigned by the State in which your company is first incorporated. It is the first identify you acquire in the company setup process.

  • What is a C Corp?
    A C Corporation legally separates owners’ or shareholders’ assets and income from that of the corporation. C corporations limit the liability of investors and firm owners since the most that they can lose in the business’s failure is the amount they have invested in it. C corporations are mandated to hold annual meetings and have a board of directors that is voted on by shareholders.

  • What is limited liability protection?
    When you are the shareholder or owner of a corporation (Inc.) or limited liability company (LLC.), there’s no personal liability for individual shareholders in case of company’s default or lawsuit. These company entities shield you from personal liabilities. Contrary to partnership or sole proprietorship, liabilities can be traced all the way to owner at the personal level. It is important to set up your company the right way and have yourself shielded from possible demise stemmed from company failures.