Fast Address
Annual Plan


Just $39/month

Get your US address to receive mails and packages. Get unlimited mail content scanned and emailed to you.

Have your mails or packages delivered to your US address. We’ll have them forwarded to you, anywhere in the world.

  • Physical US address and mail handling
  • Up to 50 mails scanned and emailed to you
  • 1 Email Recipient
  • 1 Mail & Package Forwarding Address
  • Package Alert
  • One month FREE package storage
  • Store up to 5 packages FREE

All Fast Office Solutions Include:

  • UNLIMITED Mail Content Scan
  • Automatic Email Alert for All New Items Received
  • Mail Scan & Email to You
  • UNLIMITED Mail Content Scan
  • UNLIMITED Mail Item Storage
  • Discard mail and package items
  • Mails Consolidation for Forwarding to You
    (Shipping fee extra)
  • Package Receipt Email Notification with Picture of
  • Discounted Shipping (Up to 50% off) from Major US
    Shipping Carriers (FedEx/UPS/USPS)
  • Preparation of commercial invoice for
    international shipping forwarding
  • One Day Processing
  • 90 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Service Details:

  • Additional mails – $2.5/mail
  • Small Package Handling – $10/pkg (Forward shipping fee extra)
  • Large Package Handling – $50/pkg (Forward shipping fee extra)
  • Packages Handlings are for Non-Ecommerce Use Only
  • Small Package Handling:
    Max total dimension: 24 inches
    Handling includes IN/OUT.
  • Large Package Handling:
    Max total dimension: 108 inches
    Handling includes IN/OUT.

  • Free Storage for up to 5 packages.
  • Package storage fees:
    Small package storage are $0.5/pkg/day
    Large package storage are $1.25/pkg/day
  • No fictitious names allowed. Valid USPS
    1583 form submission required.

Address and Mail Service For non-US residents

Access your US mails from anywhere in the world. All mails scanned and emailed to you!
How mails are handled?
All mails are screened for junk and importance. Then they will be scanned and emailed you.
Can I have physical mails forwarded to me?
We can forward any mail directly to you. In most cases it will be more than enough to have an email copy. At your request, we will mail the hard copy for you. Additional shipping charges may apply.
Can I have booklet or books mailed to my US address?
Absolutely. Bound printed materials including documents, books or booklets that are more than 16 pages will only be forwarded to you. The cover of the mail will be scanned and emailed to you.
Is that a limit on the number of pages of documents or mail content?
No. We scan UNLIMITED pages in your mail. We only limit number of mails as per your subscription.
I need the bound document scanned and emailed to me. Can I make a special request to have it done?
Bound documents are not machine readable. We will notify you if we receive bound documents. You can always make a request to have the document unbound and scanned manually to you. Additional fees may apply and we will always tell you in advance how much it would cost. In any case, we can always forward the physical document to you.
I do not need my service any more. Can I cancel my service?
Absolutely. We provide flexible and scalable solutions to meet your ever changing needs. You can choose to cancel any time. Your subscription will not be renewed at the end of your subscription period after cancellation. Refunds are not provided for address and mail services after the money back guarantee period.

More questions? We’re here to help. Call us at 1833 666 8883 or just click the “Click to Call Now” button on the bottom. We are available Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm New York Time. For holidays and non office hours, please use the inquiry form here. We will reply to you without 24 hours.

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