Our specialized company solutions international entrepreneurs, investors, and startups make starting and operating a US company easy and fast. Our all inclusive solutions make things go smoothly for you and your team. You will be able to focus on the most important things and we will handle the tedious tasks for you.


Your US Company will be equipped with everything you need to set up US business accounts with ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. Business address, US phone number, and EIN are all made ready. Possibilities are unlimited.




All our solutions include company secretary service, which helps you maneuver the US business ecosystem. Our company secretary service also help you apply for various business and banking accounts to suit your unique needs. We understand that you want your US company to serve the purpose of business development or asset relocation, or both. We are expert in applying all kind of ecommerce accounts such as Amazon, eBay US, PayPal US, and US merchant account. With us you can get your US operation ready in the least time possible.

Patent & Trademark Application

To enjoy greater protection and faster US approval, it is known to use a US company as the vehicle to apply for US patents and trademarks. The US provides the best and most vigorous intellectual protections in the world. It also has the benefit of earning you quicker brand recognition and esteem. We provide custom services to help you apply for trademark. It can be done in as little as two months. For patent application, our members usually choose to apply for provisional patent in order to obtain the “patent pending” status. Our members take advantage of our award-winning secretarial assistance service in making quicker response to Patent or Trademark Offices. We receive and handle all official documents from the government and this speeds up the process tremendously. It also save our members the headache having to communicate in a English, a language that may not be native to them.


ITIN is required to apply for most business and payment accounts. Being able to open business and payment accounts directly may provide more control and flexibility. Some members may also prefer to use their own executive officers on business and financial matters. Members file their personal tax return once their company is set up. Because ITIN can only be applied with personal tax return as required by the IRS, ITIN application will be made along with the personal tax return. We provide free ITIN application service to all our members. Member only needs to file personal tax return once every five years to keep the ITIN. Once ITIN is assigned, members are able to apply for various business and payment accounts. Some members also switch to non-executive solutions once ITIN is available to them. For first year members, we recommend that you subscribe to our executive solutions and we are happy to help you apply for ITIN as well.





Revenue Retention IN THE US

For our business and startups members, payment or merchant accounts are set up for them for receiving US dollar sales revenue. Our secretarial assistants also help members set up automatic invoicing system in English. Members invoice their US customers and get paid locally without having customers wiring payments to their home countries. This speed up receivable payments and customers in the US appreciate the convenience of dealing with fellow local American companies. We also help them set up business bank accounts or fund transfer account to facilitate fund transfer. Members are in total control of their fund. Best of all, fund received in the US remains in the US unless you decide to transfer it out of the country. All can be done online and by yourself. Most members keep their sales revenue in the US and continue to grow its size. When rainy days come, these savings prove to be handy and useful. This is the flexibility that will help you prepare for the future.



Our free consulting services for all members bring insight and actionable strategies in their planning process. Members usually set their companies as investment holding companies. An investment holding company is a vehicle that holds all your assets. The asset does not have to be in the US. All you need to do is to assign or transfer asset into this company. Assets that may be transferred include shares of your flagship company, overseas real estate, securities, or just cash. We help members first set up their business bank accounts or fund transfer account to facilitate fund transfer. We also prepare board minutes and by-laws documents to cater to its holding company status. Each year company reports are filed and company is renewed with the government seamlessly. We also file federal and state taxes on behalf of our members. All government filings are done automatically and are included in all of our solutions.


Our members set up their US companies to engage in long term wealth or inheritance planning. Spouse or children are sometimes appointed as trustees or shareholders of the company. This pre-emptive measure makes sure that love ones are well taken care of. Where inheritance taxes are high or transferring of assets or cash is restrictive, this provides a flexible mean of allocating your wealth and asset in a paced and planned manner. Best of all, execution is extremely easy and the cost of allocating shareholdings is very low. Additional benefits our members enjoy include travel convenience with credible invitation letters for VISA applications, children education readiness with education fund, and immigration opportunities. This works as a indispensible exit strategy for most of our high-value members.

Why our customers love us

FastCorpUSA helps entrepreneurs worldwide leverage the American advantage


Edmund Channing
B2B Services

CEO, Arrow Enterprise

“Got my business bank account in 2 weeks – all done over video conferencing! Save me a trip to America! EIN took some time but instead of weeks I got it in 5 days. Can’t say I’m not impressed!”

Lisa O'Hare
Investment Holding

Founder, QQ Enterprise from France

“Now I can invest like American locals! All properties are held under my American investment holding company. They even help us line up with rental and property management. Big time and money saver!”

Janice Fong
Amazon Seller

Founder, JF Shops from Hong Kong

“FastCorpUSA helps me get the Amazon US account. Along with 3PL service they help me set up, we’re now selling like an American local shop.”

Jeremy Shirt
Import-Export with PayPal US

Founder, Midland Commerce from the UK

“We now operate with a PayPal US account. Being treated as an American company allows us to receive fund at a much faster speed. Our cash flow has improved so much that we can now afford to invest more in inventory.”

Lisa O'Brian
Fashion Wholesaler

Owner, Timeline Fashion from Ireland

“FastCorpUSA’s personalized secretarial service helps us find local trade shows and explore different sales channels. Their all inclusive service help us improve our bottom line.”

Luka Fischer
Industrial Products Trading

Founder, Fischer Trading from Germany

“FastCorpUSA helps us set up fund transfer account and business bank account. Now we can bill and receive US dollars sales revenue all inside the US. We don’t have to wire money to pay our US vendors anymore.”

Do you know United States is the largest market – that is ACTUALLY accessible to anyone in the world? Of course you do!

Common Questions About Filing and Setting Up Your US Company

You have questions, we have answers. If you’d prefer to speak directly with a Business Specialist,
please give us a call at toll free (833) 666-8883. We love to help!

Will I need to sign anything or fill any form?
No. We will sign all filing documents as the incorporator for your corporation.
What kind of information will be required?
We will need just your name, desired business name, type of business.
If you need banking services, we will require two forms of ID: passport plus one government issued id such as driver’s license.
What is the business year end?
In most cases, it is the last day of the year – Dec-31st.
What are the advantages of having the EIN immediately?
Besides filing the tax returns, many payment services as well as banks require that you have the EIN to open an account. It serves as an ID for the company.
What is registered agent and why do I need a legal address?
It is a legal requirement in company incorporation that all companies have a registered agent and legal address as a point of contact for receiving legal documents. It is required by law that the company has a registered to receive legal document on any working day. So as a foreign entrepreneur, you may find this service useful as we will be acting as your register agent and fulfill all your legal document receiving needs.
What government fees are included?
All state filing fees are included. Fees are differed from taxes in a way that fees are paid as a government service and taxes are based upon your reported income.
How much should I pay for my corporation taxes or even my personal taxes?
  • For corporation income taxes, it all depends on your long term strategy. If you intend to build up a credible company that will be qualified for funding or finance, you may want to be conservative on your accounting practice and start paying taxes right away in the first year. If you intend to use the company as an investment vehicle that is financed solely by you, then you may want to minimize tax liability. We provide free consultation for all our package [3] members.
  • As a foreign entrepreneur, you may not have SSN (social security number) to open a personal bank account. In that case, you will want to have an ITIN. To apply for an ITIN, you must first file the personal income return and pay certain amount of taxes. This could be achieved by having the company paying you for service. That income you receive from the company will become taxable income. We provide free consultation for all our package [3] members.
Why do I want to incorporate a corporation instead of an LLC?
  • Simply put, corporations are for startup intending to have funding by VC in mind, or as an investment vehicle. The advantage for a corporation is that you can arrange your share of ownership much more easily as well as selling the company outright. In addition, personal tax return filing may not be required as all profit will be retained in the corporation unless you pay yourself a salary.
  • LLC is good for simple business. Either it be a single-member or multi-member LLC, buying and selling the LLC can not be easily achieved and therefore may not provide the flexibility a foreign entrepreneur would require. In addition, all income from an LLC will be “passed-through” to the owner. So you will be required to file personal tax return in most cases.
Can I use my company to hire myself and apply for H1-B employment?
  • Technically the answer is no as company hiring foreign employees using the H1-B visa will require a good business standing as well as a longer history of operation. Please refer to your attorney for details. We can also arrange an interview with an attorney if you need further information.
  • Immigration issues are delicate and sensitive. We provide advisory to our existing customers and by invitation only.
Do you provide banking assistance?
  • Yes. If you can travel to the US, we provide assistance for you to open business bank account with our banking partners.
  • If you are not able to travel to the US, we provide officers appointment services to help you open business bank account. This service is by invitation only.