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Want to have your packages handled? We have you covered! Fast Office Plus is a unique solution for startups to start using 3PL fulfillment from inside the US quickly before moving on to full fledged logistic services or FBA. With us you can start shipping to customer right now instead of waiting for sales to build up.

  • Operation Ready
  • Localized Shipping
  • Startup Scale Return Handling
  • Full Back Office and Mail Handling Services
  • Localized US Ecommerce Operation Ready
  • Ecommerce Account Application Ready
  • Business Account Application Assistance and Advisory
  • Full Company Secretary & All Mandatory Document Filing Fees Included.
  • Automatic Company Renewal & Total Compliance and Peace of Mind

All solutions include:

  • FREE Registered Agent & Legal Address
  • FREE US Company Formation
  • One Day Processing
  • Automatic Company Renewal and Annual Report Filing
  • All Corporate Document Government Filing Fees
  • Unlimited Mandatory Document Amendments

Startup 3PL
Your instant gateway to start selling in America

  • Ship up to 25 small packages* per month free of handling charge. You pay only shipping.*
  • Easy billing with monthly statement showing customer information and products sold.
  • Return handling and management
  • Storage and Warehousing – store up to 25 packages per month free of charge.*

Purchasing Manager

  • US Business Accounts Assistance
  • Easy purchasing manager that help you buy in America and forward ship to destination of your choice
  • Buy up to 25 packages per month free of handling charge.*
  • Easy billing with monthly statement showing suppliers and shipping destinations. No sales tax for shipping out of the US. Great for setting up your buying office in the US.

Backoffice Services
Save you thousands of dollars in setting up your US operation.

  • US Phone Number Setup
  • US Phone# Int’l Forwarding (250mins Free)
  • Business Address for Operation
  • Unlimited Mail Receiving, Scan & Email Forwarding
  • Online Mail Document Access (Scanned Mails)
  • Shareholder Ledger Management (Up to 10*)
  • Total Compliance and Peace of Mind

Company Secretary
US Company Formation for Non-US Entrepreneurs

  • EIN Application
  • Registered Agent – Legal Address*
  • Banking Resolution for Bank Account Opening
  • Cert. of Good Standing
  • All Mandatory Document Prep & Filings
  • All Gov’t Filing Fees INCLUDED
  • Automatic Annual Renewal & Filings
  • C Corp Company Formation*
  • Online Company Document Access


You can kick start your ecommerce business in the US in as little as a week! Test the US market with minimal outlay and setups! Localized fulfillment enables faster delievry to your customers. The benefits are enormous. This is the best solution for quick product validation and localized shipping.
What is Startup 3PL?
Startup 3PL let you set up your physical ecommerce operation locally in the US. Packages are aggregated in our warehouses for re-distribution or reroute to Amazon’s warehouses. It is a great solution for you to kick-start your localized ecommerce operation. It is perfect when you need a warehouse to handle your shipments but have not yet established a projectile of shipping volume.
What are the differences between Fast Office and Fast Office Plus?
With Fast Office Plus, you not only enjoy all the benefits of Fast Office (business address, mail handling, US phone number and international forwarding, etc.), you also get a localized package handling and fulfillment service for your ecommerce business. This is an upgrade from Fast Office that provides small scale package handling services.
Can you service Amazon FBA?
Absolutely! We help you aggregate your packages in our warehouses. Once you are ready to send your products to Amazon, we will package them according to Amazon or your packing requirements. You need only pay the local shipping fees.
Can you service returns?
Yes. You can ask your customer to ship returns to our locations. We will inspect and handle the return according to your instructions.
Can you do repairs?
No. We cannot do repairs. However, if the product is not electronic or mechanical, you can consult us for 3rd party repair costs.
How does the handling charge work?
Instead of paying $3 to $12 per package for handling, we include up to 25 packages per month. This is more than enough for most startups. You also get discount if you exceed 25 packages when you sign up to Fast Corp Plus. You may also store up to 25 packages at our warehouses free of storage fee. As you grow, we will assist you in moving up to our full-fledged 3PL solution which provides custom logistic and fulfillment services.

More questions? We’re here to help. Call us at 1833 666 8883 or just click the “Click to Call Now” button on the bottom. We are available Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm New York Time. For holidays and non office hours, please use the inquiry form here. We will reply to you without 24 hours.

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