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Corporate Tax Rates
Making your business successful on the U.S. land or planning to start over there can be challenging. If you form a corporation or are already running there, you must be fully aware of the US Tax Filing System for C-Corps and the current corporate tax rates.  

Usually, the business owners plan the tax flow ahead of a year because of a system of taxation in the U.S. On December 22, 2017, the U.S. tax law shifted from a global taxation system to a territorial one. Along with it, the P.L 0115-97 permanently cut the 35% CIT rate on resident enterprises to a 21% tax rate from January 01, 2018.  

With Fast Corp USA, you can navigate your challenges in the taxation of corporate officials and stay updated with the current laws related to taxation in the region.  

How Do Corporate Taxes Work? 

The corporate tax is the tax a company must pay when it starts generating revenue. Corporations in the U.S. pay the federal corporate tax upto 21%. In 1980, the corporate tax rates were weighed by 46.83% when calculated by GDP.  

By then, companies have learned that high corporate tax rates influence the company’s investment decision. In 2023, the average for 181 independent tax jurisdictions is 25.67% weighted by GDP.

Every state has different laws and regulations regarding corporate tax rates. The federal corporate tax is free, whereas some states don’t collect it. To report the profit, loss, credits, and income tax liabilities calculations, C-corps file the IRS Form 1120.

Moreover, corporations must file corporate tax rates because of separate identities rather than personal tax rates.

Book a consultation with us, as we are committed to providing you with one-on-one guidance in filing the accurate content in the form.  

Notable Corporate Income Tax Changes in 2023

Wondering whether the corporate tax rate deviates with years or not? Because you need to be aware of updating tax rates to navigate your company investments and revenue generation. 

Almost 13 countries have redefined their legislative corporate income tax rates by 2023. At the same time, the UAE updated its federal corporate tax rate by 9% on an income above AED 375,000, approximately USD 102000. These new rates don’t apply to natural resource extraction activities as they are already taxed enough.

FastCorpUSA experts helped entities worldwide in filing corporate taxes. We are pleased to inform entities that by 2023, 6 major countries have raised their corporate tax rates. They include Morocco, UAE, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Belarus, and the UK, which raised the tax rates by 31-32%, 0-9%, 24-30%, 23-25%, 18-20%, and Uk by 19-25% respectively. 

By the year 2023, a decrease in corporate tax rates is observed by the  7 countries from different continents. These include Guinea, Bangladesh, Austria, South Africa, The Republic of Korea, Aruba, and St. Vincent and Grenadines. The reduction varies from 1-10% in multiple countries.

Federal Corporate Income Tax Rates

The federal corporate tax is paid as income tax to the federal government of the United States from the corporation’s profit. 

Due to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the Corporate AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax) is set to be paid by corporations and small businesses on the revenue of $1 billion. The AMT is decided  by 15% by the company’s financial records based on its revenue instead of a taxable income.

Additionally, corporations will pay a 1% tax on the stock purchase price. Whereas, the taxable income tax rate is set by The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) which is 21%. All you have to do is subtract your expenses from the revenue generated. 

Let’s say your yearly revenue generates $100,000, whereas your expense is $25,000. Subtract your expense from revenue. 

= Revenue – Expense

= $100,000 – $25,000

= $75,000 (it’s your taxable income)

This Taxable income will be multiplied by the federal rate of tax.

= Taxable Income x Federal Tax Rate

= $75,000 x .21 

= $15,750 (it’s your federal corporate tax)

State Corporate Income Tax Rates

Many states have lowered their corporate tax rates for several reasons. The prominent one is the sustainability of business in that state. Due to the high corporate tax rate, the corporations were relocating to the low corporate tax countries to flourish their business. 

New Hampshire, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Iowa are among the states that have decreased corporation tax rates. Wyoming and Dakota have no corporate tax rates in the countries, making them super VIP places to start your corporation.

FastCorpUSA offers the seamless process of C-Corp Formation in Wyoming. The rest of the countries, like Ohio, Nevada, Washington, and Texas, charge the gross recipient tax instead of corporate income tax. 

You can use this chart to grow your business while choosing the best state to form a C-corp or maintaining it in a country. 

  1. Alabama = 6.50%
  2. Alaska = 0 – 9.4%
  3. Arizona = 4.90% 
  4. Arkansas = 1 – 5.9%
  5. California = 8.84%
  6. Colorado = 4.55%
  7. Connecticut = 7.50%
  8. D.C. = 8.25%
  9. Delaware = 8.70%
  10. Florida = 5.50%
  11. Georgia = 5.75%
  12. Hawaii = 4.4 – 6.4%
  13. Idaho = 5.80%
  14. Illinois = 7% (+2.5% replacement tax)
  15. Indiana = 4.90%
  16. Iowa = 5.5 – 8.4%
  17. Kansas = 4-7%
  18. Kentucky = 5%
  19. Louisiana = 3.5 – 7.5%
  20. Maine = 3.5 – 8.93%
  21. Maryland = 8.25%
  22. Massachusetts = 8%
  23. Michigan = 6%
  24. Minnesota = 9.80%
  25. Mississippi = 4 – 5%
  26. Missouri = 4%
  27. Montana = 6.75%
  28. Nebraska = 5.58 – 7.25%
  29. Nevada = No corporate income tax
  30. New Hampshire = 7.60%
  31. NewJersey = 6.5 – 9%
  32. New Mexico = 4.8 – 5.9%
  33. NewYork = 6.5 – 7.25%
  34. North Carolina = 2.50%
  35. North Dakota = 1.41% – 4.31%
  36. Ohio = No income tax rate but has gross receipt tax
  37. Oklahoma = 4%
  38. Oregon = 6.6% – 7.6%
  39. Pennsylvania = 8.99%
  40. Rhode Island = 7%
  41. South Carolina = 5%
  42. South Dakota = No Corporate Income Tax
  43. Tennessee = 6.5%
  44. Texas = No corporate income tax rate
  45. Utah = 4.85%
  46. Vermont = 6 – 8.5%
  47. Virginia = 6.00%
  48. Washington = No Corporate Income Tax
  49. West Virginia = 6.50%
  50. Wisconsin = 7.90%

Regional Variation in Corporate Tax Rates

Regional differences in corporation tax rates can be substantial. With an average federal corporation tax rate of 28.38 %, South America possesses the highest rate of any region. Averaging 19.80%, Asia has the region’s cheapest corporate taxation rate.

If we look at the general data of corporate tax rates, the developed nations have high rates. The tax rates are raised and greater in developed countries than in less developed nations. The seven richest countries in the world, collectively known as the G7, have an average legal corporate income tax rate of 27.18%.

The average corporation tax rate in OECD member nations is 23.73% for legal provisions. The BRICS have an overall regulatory corporate income tax rate of 26.11 % and a statutory corporate income tax rate of 27.20%.

Changes in Corporate Income Tax Rate

From the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) set the federal corporate rate of tax by 21%. Therefore, the C-corporations follow the respective tax rates on multiple taxable incomes.

  • 15% taxable income upto $50,000.
  • 25% over $50,000 – 75,000
  • 34% over $75,000 – 10,000,000
  • 35% over $10,000,000

At any point you feel yourself in the maze of tax returns and schedules, you can just hit the FastCorpUSA mail icon to get an authentic consultation with the top Financial experts. 

Tax Strategies to Reduce Corporate Income Tax Liability

When leading your corporations on a new journey, many hurdles come in between. One is the Corporate income tax liability, which feels like a lump in the throat until paid with authenticity.

A small business owner can get frustrated when filing their income tax as no single corporate tax form applies to all. So, taking measures and reducing the company’s tax liabilities is better.

1. Business Structure Review

Your company entity structure will determine the corporation tax rates you owe on profits as well as how you submit your taxes. So, review your structure, as LLC and corporation taxes are paid differently. 

2. Credits and Tax Deductions

Collect your due tax deductions and credits along with the spending or expenses of the company. This will help you pay the due tax and prevent you from false taxation charges.

3. Planning and Management of Taxes

Now, you must plan your liable tax and manage the government’s payment flow. This will help you reduce the tax burden and minimize your tax liabilities.

Working With Taxation Professionals

Seeding the roots of the new corporation and maintaining the small corporation taxes is challenging yet time-consuming. FastCorpUSA has been fulfilling this duty to inform business owners of taxation laws and allow them to make profound business decisions.

Like the name, FastCorpUSA is a leading and fast-forward finance service and consultancy provider covering all finance and accounting areas. Whether you need a professional consultation or a quick advisory meeting, you can unquestioningly reach the firm to get solutions for your corporation.  

Mail us or dial the contact provided on the website for quick solutions.


What are the C-Corp tax rates in 2023?

The C-corporation tax rates vary from 5 to 21%, which decreases from the standard 36%. The set tax rates aim the business growth and attract new investors to land on U.S. grounds. 

What is the difference between corporate tax and personal tax rates?

The corporate tax rate is the income tax of the company. Corporations pay the corporate tax to the government on the benefits and profits their company generates. While calculating it, you can subtract the corporation’s expenses from revenue.

At the same time, personal tax rates are taxes the individual pays based on his salary, earnings, assets, and personal expenses. It’s better to separate your legal businesses from personal accounts to minimize corporate tax liabilities.


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