Get An EIN (Employer Identification Number) For Your C-Corp


To get an EIN in the US is not a hard nut to crack. All you need to do is to be crystal clear about all the fundamental rules and regulations. Entrepreneurs obtain EIN for running businesses in the US. Particularly, if you’re planning to start a small business in the US, then you must need an EIN that’s also called Federal Tax ID Number (FTIN). The IRS (Internal Revenue System) identifies it for your corporation in the US for federal taxes. Simply, when you’re ready to file your income and payroll taxes, you should get an EIN. In other cases like an LLC or sole proprietorship, you must use SSN (Social Security Number). 

When You Need an EIN? 

In the US, every business needs an EIN. This simple number needs to be identified quickly for different tax purposes. Once you register a legal business, you can apply for it and the IRS will track your income taxes through it. However, if you’re not a US citizen and located outside of the US, you must be aware of the appropriate procedure for receiving an EIN. Therefore, it’s important first to determine why you need an EIN in the first place. 

If you want to run an online eCommerce set-up in the US or sell on Amazon, you have to report your earnings through EIN. Your EIN can be used instead of an SSN (Social Security Number), or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). Plus, you need to show an EIN when you’re importing goods into the US. You can simply avoid complex documentation simply by having this unique number from US Customs and Border Protection. 

Get a look at some other reasons we bring for you!

  • You should get an EIN when you are hiring employees for your small business in the US.
  • Your corporation or partnership withholds income or taxes that are paid to one or more non-US residents or aliens. 
  • In the case of having a Keogh plan for retirement by self-employed people. 
  • In case of having tax returns for employment, Alcohol, Excise, Firearms, and Tobacco. 
  • If your corporation or business is involved with any type of organization such as trusts, real estate, NGOs, plan administrators, farmers,
  • Your EIN will help you to import goods to the US such as for sale on Amazon Marketplace. When goods are shipped to the US by sea then customs require your EIN. 

How To Apply For EIN: Step-By-Step Guide 

You would want a streamlined process for getting an EIN but it’s not as easy as we want. However, it’s not impossible. You might need the help of an expert as the process may take a while. But, it’s free and easy and you can apply simply by taking notes of the guidelines given below. Keep track of every single piece of information mentioned below and get free from any kind of worry. 

Determine Eligibility Criteria 

You shouldn’t forget to check across all the eligibility criteria before diving down into the process. You don’t have to be a US citizen or American to get an EIN but you can easily apply as a non-US resident when you’re doing business in the US as a foreigner. Moreover, things become easy for you before applying if you become more clear about your eligibility first. In case:

  • You are a single-member limited LLC or sole proprietor without any employees. 
  • You have a valid SSN or ITIN issued by the US government but this is applicable only in the case if you’re applying online not by fax or mail. 
  • If you’re declared as a ‘responsible party’ for a company formed in the US. As given by the IRS, a responsible party is a person who controls or owns the business entity. The party must be an individual who exercises control over entitlement, funds, and assets directly or indirectly. 

You can apply for an EIN but if you lack these requirements, you must hire an attorney or obtain a US-based business partner to apply or consult for an EIN on your behalf. 

Gather Necessary Documentation 

You need the following documentation to apply for an EIN as a non-US resident. 

  • A completed SS-4 form for an EIN application
  • A copy of a valid SSN or TIN if applying online
  • A copy of your passport or any identification issued by the government.
  • A prior approval letter from the IRS stating that you need an EIN to comply with the regulations. 

Fill Out The SS-4 Form 

The SS-4 form is also called the application for Employer Identification Number (EIN). You can download the SS-4 form from the IRS website. The form comes along with all the prior instructions to fill out the form accurately. Go through the details carefully and start filling out the form. 

You have both ways of filling out the form such as printing it first and then filling it by hand with a black pen preferably. On the other way, you can type in the form and then print it and sign it. Remember to use all uppercase letters if you are filling out it by hand. This can help speed up your application as the IRS admires the application more with uppercase filling. The form further discloses the information such as:

  • the legal name of the entity 
  • the trade name of the business
  • mailing address (It can be a US or non-US address but using a US address will make the whole process much easier)
  • name of the responsible party
  • country and state where the principal business is located
  • Type of Entity 
  • Reasons for Applying 
  • Date business started 
  • Employees and their tax liability 
  • Third-party designee 
  • Applicant’s phone, fax, and signature 

And one more thing! Always make a copy of the SS-4 form before sending it to the IRS. You may need these copies for your business records. 

Choose The Application Method

The IRS offers a free service for EIN applications on their websites so beware of all the websites that charge for the same service. All corporations within and outside of the US premises must note the requirements prior to their proceedings. There are different ways to get to the IRS for your EIN application submission or approval. 

Online Application 

You may go for an online EIN application only if your business is located within the premises of the US. A person with a valid taxpayer ID number such as SSN, ITIN, OR EIN can apply application online. Moreover, you are eligible for one EIN per responsible party per day. A responsible party is a person who controls or owns an entity. He must be an individual. It is somehow a preferable method for corporations to obtain an EIN. Your information is validated immediately during the online application and then an EIN is issued to you. This is the fastest and most convenient way to apply. 

If you have any queries while filling out your form online, you can call the IRS at


Fax Application 

You can fax the complete SS-4 form application to the appropriate addresses given by the IRS. You must ensure your SS-4 form contains all the appropriate information. Obtain a physical address in the US for mailing. Your C-Corp may not need one but this will make the whole process much easier. The fax will be sent back with the EIN within two months. 

You can fax the SS-4 form to: 


Mail Application 

Complete the SS-4 form given on the IRS website and mail it to the address mentioned on the form. The estimated timeframe for an EIN application received by mail is almost 4 weeks. Ensure filling out the form with all the correct information. 

You can mail your complete and signed SS-4 form to: 

Internal Revenue System

Attn: EIN Operation 

Cincinnati, OH  45999

Fax: 855-215-1627 (within the U.S.)

Fax: 304-707-9471 (outside the U.S.)

Call Application 

You can also send your application by calling the directly IRS if you and your business are located within the US premises. Otherwise, international applicants whose corporations are formed outside the US can obtain EIN via calling.  Be sure to make an international call to the IRS. You can reach the IRS at 267-941-1099 6 am to 11 pm (Eastern Time) from Monday to Friday. Get to your EIN service by listening to their phone menu. You will speak with a representative who will ask you a series of questions. However, the person who is calling must be authorized to receive the EIN and answer questions concerning the SS-4 form. 

If you’re allowing someone to receive your EIN in the US on your behalf, You need to fill out the third-party designee section of the SS-4 Form. This means the person you authorize will get your EIN once it’s prepared. The designee’s authority will be terminated right after the EIN is assigned and issued to the designee. Be sure to put your right signature otherwise, you’ll have to go through the process again. 

Submit Your EIN Application 

Once you’re done with the application, you’re ready to submit your application. The EIN approval timeframe depends verily on choosing your method of sending the application. You’ll receive EIN immediately if you’re applying online. Do not forget to save the final page of your EIN information on your device in case you forget to note it down. 

The approval time may take 2-3 months via mail or fax. There is no other way for non-US residents so you have to show great patience. Carefully note the EIN number as the physical EIN may take weeks to arrive at your given location. 

Congratulations! You’ve finally received your EIN and now you can start your journey of paying taxes in the US. 

When You Need to Change Your EIN?

You must need to change your EIN if you change your business structure. It’s important to keep the IRS updated on these matters. Changing the business structure simply means changing the business location, the identity of the parties involved, and the business mailing address as well. These all changes must be submitted within 60 days. 

A legal way to update an IRS is through submitting the form 8822-B which is available on the website. Keeping the IRS informed and updated can help you to avoid any potential fines or penalties.

You may need a new EIN in some other situations as well such as:

  • When you declare bankruptcy 
  • New people or owners join the trade or corporation 
  • When you get a new charter for your corporation 
  • When you join a larger company as a subsidiary or split off from a parent company 
  • When you merge with another corporation 

The conditions may vary slightly from state to state. 

So, take a deep breath as you are not dealing with a hard and fast rule here! 

EIN Cost For C-Corp In The US 

An interesting aspect is that you don’t have to pay to get an EIN. According to the IRS, an EIN for your C-Corp comes at no cost. The services offered to you are free. But, you have to be careful while dealing with the EIN system online. If you ever come across any advertisement or website that claims that they can offer you a free EIN, don’t fall into a trap. Always contact the IRS website for your EIN services. 

Taxes Paying After Getting EIN 

You can start a smooth US Tax filing procedure once you get your EIN. You owe these taxes to the federal government for doing business in the US. If you’re located in any other country and doing business in the US, you can pay your taxes online. C-Corp is a double taxation system so you have to be careful about tax treaties as well. In another scenario, it’s wise to talk about your tax matters to an international expert. Ensure your EIN pays the right taxes to the right jurisdiction. 

If you’re having trouble calculating your taxes, contact and clear your mind timely. 

What If You Lose Your EIN 

If you can’t find the notice from the IRS with your EIN, you can simply try these ideas. 

  • You can reach the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Lines by calling 800-829-4933. You can inquire from an operator about your EIN. Ensure you are an authorized individual to use this service. 
  • Your EIN must be on your business tax return document so look for it as you can find the number on it. 
  • Reach out to the state or local agency where you applied for your business license. 
  • You can also contact the bank that opened your account for your business. 

What If You Want EIN Cancellation 

Once you receive your EIN, the IRS won’t be able to cancel. It will be officially announced as a company’s federal taxpayer ID number. In case you never use it for your file tax return, it won’t get canceled. Your EIN will be unique or personal and won’t be issued or assigned to any other business entity. So, if you ever pick a business later, your EIN will always be there in the future. 

The IRS can only cancel an EIN when you ask them to do so. If you determine to the agency that you don’t need an EIN anymore, they will close your company’s account. You can do this by sending a letter to the IRS including your mailing address, business type, your business legal name, and the reason for EIN cancellation. You must pay all the taxes you owe to the federal state before closing your account. 

The Bottom Line 

Your EIN plays an important role in the formation of your corporation in the US. Even, if you don’t strictly need it, you can still earn a lot of benefits from it. It’s easy and free and you can get it instantly by filling out the SS-4 form. Still, if you find any issues, you can get it done by contacting At our platform, you will get flexible, transparent, and affordable solutions for all your financial problems. 

Ready to sell overseas now? Get in touch with our online specialists who can help you to reach your business to new heights. 


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